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At age 16 - almost three years ago, I was diagnosed with Anti NMDA receptor encephalitis and thankfully got the medical help I needed. 

Anti-NMDA (N-methyl-D-aspartate) receptor encephalitis is an autoimmune disorder, in which antibodies are directed against the NMDA receptor in the brain, resulting in neurologic and psychiatric symptoms. 

As this was/still is classified as “rare” it was initially very hard to properly diagnose and was mistaken for many weeks under a psychological disorder, due to being the first few months of 2020 lockdown I had convinced myself that I was just struggling with severe anxiety, however, as symptoms began to worsen I started to experience more than just anxiety. I was no longer in control of my thoughts and actions and my character slowly became unrecognisable. 

On May the 4th 2020, I had a seizure and was taken to the hospital to undergo multiple tests, scans etc.. including a lumber puncture where they found what is known as Anti-NMDA- receptor encephalitis (also known as autoimmune encephalitis). Through immunotherapy I was able to return home after a month and start to slowly heal, I continued to have treatments for one day every month up until February last year. 

While I still take very minimal medication, I am extremely grateful for my family/friends and doctors who have allowed me to live out each day with love and gratitude.

I am grateful to be able to share my story and participate in this walk in the hope to raise awareness and help gain more research to prevent patients from being misdiagnosed. 

My team and I have made a goal to walk 12k+ steps each day for the month of February.

If you wish to donate - please note that 'The Encephalitis Society' is a UK organisation therefore all donations will need to be converted into AUD (£10= $17.49)

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Joe Molluso


Joanne Angelini

Tayla you have made a bad situation into a great opportunity to help others! We are so proud to be related to you and you should be so proud of yourself! God bless your efforts!


Nonno & Nonna Pisciuneri

Keep up the good work Tayla we’re so proud of you❤️


Zio, Zia, Christian And Alex


Joseph Vozzo



So proud of you 🤍


Makayla Brand


Josephine Molluso


Tayla Manca


Nancy Manca


Antonietta Dattilo

Go team I’m with you in spirit, proud of you Tayla😘


Josephine Manca


Antonietta Pelie

God bless you Tayla, you go girl & be a inspiration to others. Love you, your cugina in Canada!


Ivan Perre


Izzy Sollecito


Vanessa Vozzo


Maria Lagana


Your Cousin ??