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My Goal

I am making every step count this February

This February, I am taking part in BrainWalk and walking, dancing or cycling as far as I can to improve my own health and wellbeing and help save lives! 

I am raising money for the Encephalitis Society, a cause close to my heart.
Encephalitis is a neurological condition that can be devastating. Here are five facts you may not know: 

1. Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain.

2. It is caused by an infection or through the immune system attacking the brain.

3. Anyone can be affected by encephalitis – no matter their age, gender or ethnicity.

4. It has a high death rate and survivors are often left with an acquired brain injury and life-changing consequences.

5. It is more common in many countries than motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, bacterial meningitis and cerebral palsy.

One person is diagnosed with encephalitis every minute across the world, and life for them and their loved ones will never be the same again.

Every donation I receive will go to the Encephalitis Society, helping accelerate understanding and awareness of encephalitis and ensuring that those affected by this serious neurological condition get the crucial help and support they need. Please help if you can.

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My Updates

Last walk

Monday 28th Feb
Well what a month that has been! Last day and already on for my best steps score of the whole challenge!

Brain ache

Sunday 27th Feb
Feeling pants today and have a headache so haven’t achieved as many steps as I hoped for the penultimate day of the BrainWalk. Oh well…….tomorrow’s another day! It’s the LAST day!

Today’s another day.

Saturday 26th Feb
Feeling more like my old self today after some grandchildren therapy! Had a flight in the i360 yesterday and explored the upside down house……good to see things from a different angle. It’s all a bit like my brain really, topsy turvy from time to time but nice when it’s reset for a while.

Just when I thought.........

Thursday 24th Feb
Yesterday was a strange one. I did lots of steps and wore my T-shirt for my fitness class but I didn’t really feel quite myself. I made the effort to go to choir in the evening because singing is uplifting but I seriously struggled to keep it together. Then the inevitable happened and I suffered a full panic/anxiety attack on the drive home and ended the day as a blubbering wreck hating myself for being weird still after four years! I’m sharing this as once again I may look fine on the outside but Brian, my encephalitis brain,  likes to remind me that he’s still about. So just when I think everything is improving .......? BUT today is another day! Onwards and upwards!
Tuesday 22nd Feb
I wore my t shirt to my mosaics course tonight and the instructor asked about it. When I was explaining to her, the whole group stopped working and we had a brilliant discussion about encephalitis. Not one of them had heard of it before but they had lots of questions. Job done! Another seven people now aware thanks to red for WED! 🤗

Lovely support

Tuesday 22nd Feb
Look who was supporting the wonderful Eleanor on her latest walk

Brian’s been on a park run

Saturday 19th Feb
My team mate Neil took Brian out for a park run this morning and raised some awareness too! Go team Sussex Steppers.... we’re over 1,000,000 steps now!!


Saturday 19th Feb
We’ve passed the 1,000,000 steps mark! Sussex Steppers are awesome 😎 

Too stormy

Friday 18th Feb
So storm Eunice has put a stop to my walk today. Oh well up and down the stairs it is and some furious indoor cycling and hula hooping 💜

Family walk

Friday 11th Feb
Walk two yesterday was lovely with family joining me….might even have involved cake! It’s amazing how many steps you can achieve when little legs join the mix😁

We’re smashing it!

Wednesday 9th Feb
My team are amazing! Only one week into the challenge and we’ve almost reached our step goal! I can’t wait to see what our final tally will be.
Thank you you Sussex steppers for your continued support and enthusiasm.

Fiddle sticks!

Thursday 3rd Feb
Two mile walk today and I forgot to wear my Fitbit 🤦🏻‍♀️

Thank you to my Sponsors


Aubrey Turk


Kevin Turk


Krysia Eade

Well done! You are amazing. You have certainly raised my awareness of encephalitis. It sounds awful! Knowing how positive and determined you are I'm sure you will continue to cope well with it and keep smiling! ❤ xx


Diane Davies

Go Annette you can do it 🥰🥰


David Heath


Mandy Taylor

Well done!


Jill Thompson


Katy Harris

Well done! Great steps for a worthy cause.


Annette Turk


Joan Bradley

Well done you...😀


Nia Maylin

Go Annette you can do this x



Good Luck ☘️ x


Sarah De Malplaquet

Well done Netty and the rest of the team! Great awareness raising.




Ann Turk


Neicy Xx

Good luck Netty sending you lots of love and support