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319,489 steps


280000 steps

My Goal

I am making every step count this February

This February, I am taking part in BrainWalk and walking, jogging or running as far as I can to improve my own health and wellbeing and help save lives! 

I am raising money for the Encephalitis Society, a cause close to my heart.
Encephalitis is a neurological condition that can be devastating. Here are five facts you may not know: 

1. Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain.

2. It is caused by an infection or through the immune system attacking the brain.

3. Anyone can be affected by encephalitis – no matter their age, gender or ethnicity.

4. It has a high death rate and survivors are often left with an acquired brain injury and life-changing consequences.

5. In some cases, encephalitis can impact on mental health, causing difficult to deal with emotions and behaviours, and can lead to thoughts of self-harm and even suicide.

One person is diagnosed with encephalitis every minute across the world, and life for them and their loved ones will never be the same again.

Every donation I receive will go to the Encephalitis Society, helping accelerate understanding and awareness of encephalitis and ensuring that those affected by this serious neurological condition get the crucial help and support they need. Please help if you can.

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My Updates

Reached my step goal

Saturday 25th Feb
Really pleased to have achieved my goal of 280000 steps.

Close to target

Friday 24th Feb
Getting very close to my target number of steps.

New target

Tuesday 24th Jan
I’m amazed how much I have raised since initial target of £100 so have increased that to £1000. I hope I can make it.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jean Grimshaw


Eleanor Sear

With love Rachel, Elly and Cal xx


Anna French

Robert, keep up all the activity! We remember Joe with great love and know this cause will help many. 'May the force be with you!' Robert and Anna xx


Gareth Jones

What a fantastic thing do Bob. Hope all goes (went) well.


Joe Ashcroft

An amazing effort for an amazing cause. Well done Bob, we still talk about Joe all the time and always with a big smile on our face. All our love, Joe, Cat, Joshu & George xx


Andrew Grimshaw


Charlotte Moulsher



I hope you raise lots of money and awareness Bob. x


Thomas Gill

Smash it!


Vicky & Nathan

With lots of love xx


John & Janet Sidebotham

You’re inspirational Bob… keep going! with our love John & Janet xx


Dorothy Tozer

Jolly well done Bob, a great achievement and for a wonderful cause. All the best


Alison And Ruby

In memory of Joe


Kate Glass


Mark Gill

Well done Bob.


Helen Barry

One step beyond! Well done and keep going!


Hilary And John Kitching

Good luck,from Vicky’s Mum and Dad/ Tom’s Nanna and Grandpa.


Liz Knott

A great cause Bob


Peter Breckwoldt

Bob hope the day goes well! Joe was a great son! With lots of love and prayers Peter and Joy


Adele And Iain Beeston

In memory of Joe. Xx


Julie Begley

From Julie Laura and Duran


Julie Howard


Hannah Worth

Well done Bob. 👏 Thinking of you.


Sarah Dredge

This is a wonderful way to honour Joe.


James Holt


Charlie's Nana, Grandad & Aunty Kate

Good Luck, we all felt we knew Joe because Charlur spoke about him often and was so looking forward to going to stay with him x


Jeanette Meecham

Well done Bob x


Jane Campbell

Love from Jane, Peter, Rachael and Jess xx


Jess Gregory

Well done, Bob!x


Nancy Moulsher



Keep walking, Bob. Brilliant job! 👍


Liz Bell


Steve Mealand


Jim Holt

Good luck


Jane Maltby

Good luck with every step, Bob.


Yvonne Lewitzky

You are brilliant but we always knew that!


Katie Higson

Well done Bob X


Kathryn Bates


Sophie Oliver

Well done Bob! Love from Sophie, Steve & family x


Cathy Thompson

Go for it Bob! Xx


Paul Mcnulty

Get training Bob (it’s just stopped raining!) Seriously, I commend your effort in honour of Joe and in the hope that future lives are saved. Love and mercy x


Kevin Tozer

Well done Bob , keep up the good work. Enjoy the walk.


Kate Bushaway


Anne Marie Brody

Great things to do!


James Breckwoldt



Well Done Bob !


Member Of Charlie's Family




Lucie Howes

Well Done Bob. Lots of love. X


Emma Walls


Robert Breckwoldt


Steve Wallwork

Great cause Bob. Good luck.


Nick Maltby


Debbie Brophy

Good luck Bob, a fantastic cause x


Rosy Capener

Such love sending to you Mary and Greta xx



Good luck Bob xx




Barbara Yates

Lots of love Bob xx


Lucy Whalley

I'm Charlie's girlfriend and I know how much your son meant to Charlie, he always talks about him and I wish I could have met him I know we would have got along so well. I'm so sorry for your loss but you raised an amazing boy from everything Charlie has told me. Xxx


Leonardo Sandron

you are doing a fantastic thing, congratulations (by a friend of Joe)




Nadia Morrey

Go Bobski! X




Jane Ijima

Keep on trekking, Bob! X


Stephen G

I'm a friend of Anne Marie


Colin Driver


Alex Brooks

In memory of Joe.




Sean Macreavy

Great cause Bob - good luck! All our best, Sean and Sally x


Sharon Brown

With love ❤️ Sharon xx


Sarah Derbyshire


Katherine Tozer

Good luck Bob, from Katherine x