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My Goal

I am making every step count this February

This February, I am taking part in BrainWalk and walking, jogging or running as far as I can to improve my own health and wellbeing and help save lives! 

I am raising money for the Encephalitis Society, a cause close to my heart.
Encephalitis is a neurological condition that can be devastating. Here are five facts you may not know: 

1. Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain.

2. It is caused by an infection or through the immune system attacking the brain.

3. Anyone can be affected by encephalitis – no matter their age, gender or ethnicity.

4. It has a high death rate and survivors are often left with an acquired brain injury and life-changing consequences.

5. In some cases, encephalitis can impact on mental health, causing difficult to deal with emotions and behaviours, and can lead to thoughts of self-harm and even suicide.

One person is diagnosed with encephalitis every minute across the world, and life for them and their loved ones will never be the same again.

Every donation I receive will go to the Encephalitis Society, helping accelerate understanding and awareness of encephalitis and ensuring that those affected by this serious neurological condition get the crucial help and support they need. Please help if you can.

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My Updates

A wander up ben Lee

Sunday 19th Feb

Tough day yesterday!

Monday 6th Feb
My crazy pals Kay and Allison got me out running in the 💨 to push me along, not fun!! Determined to get over 20000 steps and I smashed it. Blowing an even worse hoolie in Skye today but walking my own dogs and then a friends will get my steps in not to mention feeding the 🐑 

Thank you to my Sponsors



Great weather for it.



Thank you for looking after me 🐕


Angus Maciver


Mum And Dad

See you in March when walking stops 😊xx


Heather Bannerman

Well done Tracey x


Tracey Logan


John B

Good Luck Tracey, I know you’ll smash your target!! 👍💪🏃🏻‍♀️


Shona Rose


Alana Mckay

Proud of you 💕


Evelyn Brown

Well done Tracey. x


Jeanne Wells

Good Luck Tracey


Anne Phipps

Well done Tracey x


Rhona Garratt

Well done Tracey.


Carol Macleod

You will smash it Tracey! Keep going 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️ xxx


Kay Macdonald


Fiona Archibald

Great job on completing your brain walk Tracey!! Sorry this took me so long to do! Xxx


Carol Macleod

Well done Tracey 👏🏻


Kathleen Macdonald


Fiona Paxton

You are a ⭐️ And true inspiration💞