22nd February 2023

BrainWalk coincides with our award-winning awareness campaign, World Encephalitis Day (WED), and this year we’re asking our BrainWalkers to help us make WED bigger and better than ever.

BrainWalk & #Red4WED Landmarks

This year we are asking our supporters to help us shine a light on encephalitis by lighting up as many monuments and buildings #Red4WED.

As we confirm landmarks and buildings going red for WED, we will update below. Could your BrainWalk activity for the 22nd be visiting one of our lit-up landmarks?

We’d love to see your photos using the campaign hashtag #Red4WED if so.

Download our toolkit for helpful hints and tips to get you started.

Building Toolkit 2023

Building Toolkit 2023

WED Get Involved

WED Get Involved


Going #Red4WED on February 22nd

On your BrainWalk travels for the day, why not share a photo or video on your social media using our campaign hashtag #Red4WED so we can share it on our official World Encephalitis Day website.

Wearing something red could mean anything - a red running vest, a red hat, red shoes, or shorts, or even one of our official World Encephalitis Day t-shirts.

Inspiring Others

Part of a BrainWalk team or wanting to inspire your colleagues to support World Encephalitis Day and BrainWalk?

Download our guide on how to get involved to learn more.

World Encephalitis Day 2022 Highlights