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I am making every step count this February

This February, I am taking part in BrainWalk and walking, jogging or running as far as I can to improve my own health and wellbeing and help save lives! 

I am raising money for the Encephalitis Society, a cause close to my heart.
Encephalitis is a neurological condition that can be devastating. Here are five facts you may not know: 

1. Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain.

2. It is caused by an infection or through the immune system attacking the brain.

3. Anyone can be affected by encephalitis – no matter their age, gender or ethnicity.

4. It has a high death rate and survivors are often left with an acquired brain injury and life-changing consequences.

5. In some cases, encephalitis can impact on mental health, causing difficult to deal with emotions and behaviours, and can lead to thoughts of self-harm and even suicide.

One person is diagnosed with encephalitis every minute across the world, and life for them and their loved ones will never be the same again.

Every donation I receive will go to the Encephalitis Society, helping accelerate understanding and awareness of encephalitis and ensuring that those affected by this serious neurological condition get the crucial help and support they need. Please help if you can.

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Why we’re walking!

Wednesday 1st Feb
As many of you know, my Dad, Tony, was diagnosed with encephalitis in June after suffering a couple of massive seizures. He spent 3 weeks in intensive care in an induced coma, on a ventilator and getting pumped full of drugs. He then spent a further 6 weeks on a ward in Raigmore hospital recovering enough to come home. 
He came home at the end of August and was doing really well. He had learned how to speak again, was remembering our names and who belonged to who, which house we lived in etc. and then bang! He started having seizures again but this time he’s not recovering from them……..he struggles with basic commands and we’ve been advised not to bring him home for the foreseeable future for his own safety. This is an extremely difficult time for us all. 
None of us had heard of encephalitis or knew what it was before this. It can hit any person at any time, young or old, fit and healthy!! 

Any donations greatly appreciated to help spread awareness of this horrible virus and the devastating effects it has on the families of those suffering from it 💗

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Cj Lang & Son Ltd

Good luck Emma from everyone at CJ Lang & Son.


Williamson Foodservice


Brian & Carol Wilkinson

Keep up the good work Emma xx


Ewen Macpherson

Good Luck


Maureen Brown

Devasting disease! More power to you and Dad xx




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Mike & Lynn B

Sending love to you all xx







Well done all, tremendous effort and great cause❤️


Q & Sara


Amy & Robbie

You got this 💪🏻 Tony is lucky to have you all. Xx


Robin Wilkinson

Good luck Emma and co, you're doing great 👏👏. Sorry to hear Tony's been hit with this, must be really tough. Take care Robin & Jude xx


Stephen - Rs Scotland


Catherine Cameron

Good luck x


Liz And Ray Howard

Keep in stomping xx


Kathleen & Jeff

That should edge you ahead! Great work with raising awareness xx


Geoff 500

Well done Emma!


Andrew Peacock


Auntie Margaret

Good luck


Roddy & Christine

Good luck


Susan Purvis

Well done on the fundraising and big hugs from Stu, Susan and Ella x


Lisette Davidson

Loved talking to your dad back in the day, and sorry to hear of this. Please take care.


Fiona Macmillan

Good Luck Emma



Good luck guys! Love to Tony! Xxxx



Love to Tony ❤️ Well done on raising awareness X


Rosie Robertson

Good luck guys!! X


Fiona Mackay

Well done guys. Love to all xx


Lynn Johnson

Good luck for a worthy cause ❤️


Annabel Scott


Elspeth Munro

Good luck with your fundraising and wishing Tony all the best